New staff; new ideas; new products; new collaborations and new clients. 2018 has been a big year for Cornwall Consultants!

This year we have invested in our future with the addition of dedicated development staff, several new geologists and new admin personnel. We’ve instigated a new fast-track training scheme to get our new recruits up to speed and we’ve worked really hard to streamline all aspects of our core business.

In September we joined forces with Terrafirma Mine Searches of Bristol to produce the Ground report, a revolutionary new desktop assessment of subsidence issues across the southwest. This is already proving to be a very popular service and we’re confident it will become a staple of southwest conveyance in the coming years.

Whatever 2019 brings we will be working on a wide range of great new ideas to strengthen and grow for the future; bring on the new year! But for now we wish you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas.