Geotechnical Services

Cornwall Consultants Ltd can provide experienced and qualified engineering geologists who are able to assess ground conditions and geotechnical stability on site and provide recommendations for cost effective treatment and remediation.

If you are unsure what might be required, we are happy to provide free guidance on the necessity for these services and can advise on the most appropriate way forward for your site.


Slope Stability

SLOPE STABILITY APPRAISAL – from £750 (typical residential setting)

The Slope Stability Appraisal report is intended to provide a cost effective appraisal of soil or rock slope stability on your site. An engineering geologist will attend site and undertake a detailed walkover inspection of the soil or rock slope, before compiling the findings into a short and concise letter report. The report shall provide recommendations, which may extend to the need for further investigation and a full stability assessment, but in many cases will recommend basic remedial works which may avoid the requirement for costly further investigative works.


Cornwall Consultants Ltd can undertake a numerical quantitative stability assessment on all types of slope, both soil and rock, and assessment can be made to relate to both permanent and temporary state. Soil slope stability is assessed using analytical software, whereas rock slope stability assessment is undertaken through a combination of stereographic projection and kinematic analysis to assess both likelihood (risk) and mechanism of failure.


Cornwall Consultants Ltd can advise on a range of engineering methods that can be applied to secure unstable slopes and cliff faces. We are happy to liaise with civil and structural engineering contractors to aid the design and implementation of an appropriate remediation scheme.

Geotechnical Investigation

Cornwall Consultants Ltd work in collaboration with appropriately experienced and quality driven contractors and soil and contamination testing laboratories, to provide site investigations that are both fully compliant with BS5930 and EC7 (as required), whilst being cost effective and focussed on the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

We are able to undertake factual and interpretive reporting and can provide ground characterisation and parametric assessment of the ground conditions to aid the design and construction process.

We are able to provide a wide range of services including:


  • Trial pits and windowless sampling

  • Borehole logging (superficial soil and rock logging)

  • Bearing Capacity

  • Settlement Analysis

  • Ground Improvement

  • In situ Testing (plate load testing, CBR testing)