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Phase I Contamination Report


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You can order a Phase I Assessment online here if your site is …


tick2     max 2 DWELLINGS in…

tick2     max 0.5 ACRE ‘RESIDENTIAL‘ PLOT (garden/field/barn conv.)

For all other sites please contact us using the form or call 01209 313511.

You might receive a discount if you already have a relevant Environmental Report. Please check the criteria in the Product Description box below then select ‘YES’ if you qualify.

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Product Description

The Phase I Contamination Assessment is a desk top appraisal from a range of historic and modern maps and plans, combined with a walkover survey of the site. The report establishes any potential sources of contamination and evaluates how these might reach site users and the wider environment.

ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT: We will order a third-party environmental report for the purposes of compiling this study. If you can supply one of the following reports for this site and it is less than a year old, please select ‘YES’ next to the relevant box whilst placing your order and we will discount our fee accordingly: “GroundSure Homebuyers” ; “GroundSure Enviroinsight” ; “Landmark Homecheck Professional” ; “Landmark Envirocheck”.

PLYMOUTH: Please note that sites in Plymouth City require additional third-party information to supplement the Phase I study. We can advise and order this information for you (typically about £200) however, the cost of this additional information is not included in the fee quoted here and will be charged for after ordering. Please contact us on 01209 313511 to discuss in advance.

Additional Information

Development Type?

Residential, Commercial

Development Size?

1-2 dwellings and <0.5 acre, More than two dwellings

Current Site Description?

Residential garden/field/barn conversion, Commercial/Industrial

Do you already have a valid Environmental Report?

No, Yes