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Your Mining Search is produced by our team of experienced geologists, mining engineers and other highly trained staff, with reference to a vast archive of historic maps and plans. The report will either clear the property of mining risk or highlight the nature of any hazards and recommend next steps to quantify the risk.

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Product Description

The aim of a desk-top Mining Search is to establish whether or not there is a potential risk to a property from past mining.

Each search requires a detailed study and interpretation of a variety of historic plans and documents, including abandoned mine plans, geological maps and early Ordnance Survey maps. Not to mention historic aerial photos and current on-line satellite and aerial imagery. We possess one of the most extensive archives of mining records in the South West.

Cornwall Consultants Limited has six qualified and experienced staff to undertake Mining Searches and provide follow-on services and advice where necessary. We provide a fast and efficient service at a competitive price. They can be produced as either a hard copy or electronic document.

Our Mining Searches are written in a standard format and provide a concise conclusion. Where a Mining Search identifies significant mining features within 20 metres of the property a plan is included to assist interpretation. Recommendations may be made for further work to be undertaken. In some instances we will recommend a subsequent Property Inspection and in those cases where we consider the risk to be serious we will recommend a Mining Investigation.