A Property Inspection may be required to provide an additional level of assurance where a slight mining risk is indicated by the Mining Search. The inspection comprises a survey of a dwelling and/or land by a Mining Consultant for any signs of mining related defects. Appropriate recommendations are made if potentially adverse features are identified.

Foundation Trench inspections are required for new developments in mining districts when anomalous ground conditions are exposed during development, when an additional level of assurance is required or when confirmation of competent ground is requested.


Former mining activity continues to present challenges, but it should not be a barrier to the benefits of land improvement, development, regeneration and use.

Cornwall Consultants Ltd design and supervise targeted ground investigations to accurately define abandoned mine workings, unstable ground and associated zones of subsidence risk. We liaise with structural engineers, Loss Adjustors, architects and Local Planning Authorities, providing expert input on appropriate subsidence mitigation schemes. Cornwall Consultants Ltd provides detailed records verifying excavations and securing works undertaken by approved specialist contractors. We also undertake watching briefs on known mine workings, as well as construction and post-remediation monitoring services.


Cornwall Consultants Ltd provide condition surveys and risk assessments for mine entrances, openings and exposed voids, where it is safe and feasible to do so. Where access is not achievable, we can also coordinate remote surveying of voided mine workings using customised equipment. This is useful for assessing the nature of any overlying support, especially where a working lies directly beneath a dwelling.