Our best ever Mining Searches just got better with the addition of CoPSO membership and compliance with the SearchCode.

Our popular user-friendly format has had a valuable update this year to satisfy the latest amendments to the Conveyancers Handbook and the requirements of the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB).

Our reports remain technically robust, but our new report format is designed to be:

  • Concise and quicker to read
  • Simpler and easier to understand
  • Compatible with other searches needed for property conveyance
  • Suited to the requirements of all major mortgage lenders

Each Mining Search report features a digitally produced plan on the front page, which shows the property and any nearby mining hazards. A colour-coded risk rating banner defines if the property is at ‘No’, ‘Low’, ‘Moderate’ or ‘High’ risk from mining related subsidence and immediately indicates whether the property has PASSED or whether FURTHER ACTION is required for conveyance.

The interpretive process behind our reports still requires the expert appraisal of our extensive collection of mining archive by experienced geologists, but the compilation of the report also draws data from our innovative digital system.

The combination of a technically robust Mining Search, which can be understood at first glance, has found favour with private clients and conveyancers alike. It’s all there on the front page!