Welcome to your brand new Mining Search

We have completely redesigned and upgraded our standard Mining Search report format to make them easier and quicker to read whilst still retaining all the high-level of expert interpretation you would expect from Cornwall Consultants.

Our new desk-top searches are:
  • COMPREHENSIVE – we still review our huge mining archive and interpret this for each property.
  • CONCISE – now we’ll only report on what really matters to the client.
  • CONCLUSIVE – every search will give a standardised risk rating and clear guidance on any further steps.
So what else is new? – Every mining search report will have …

Location Plan based on OS & Land registry, clearly showing the property and any risks.

Risk Rating in line with national conveyance searches: HIGH / MODERATE / LOW / NONE

Colour-coded ‘traffic light’ risk ratings and recommendations for easy interpretation.

Our new Mining Search reports will replace our existing formats from April 2017 and the best news is, we’re freezing our prices! New search – old price!

We’ve worked very hard to produce a product that will really benefit our clients and will reduce our production time too.

You can view sample reports here, so please take a look. We’d love to hear your so please get in touch.