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A Mining Search is a desk-top report that appraises the mining subsidence threat to a property. Our reports are simple to order, reliable and fast; they display all the information that is needed to buy or sell your property in a straight-forward modern presentation.

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Our Standard Mining Search service returns reports within just 7 days: contact us for current turn-around times, we will meet your deadline!
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We have completely re-designed our traditional reports to focus on presenting the information that really counts in a simple way.

Colour-coded to identify potential risks with a colour plan to explain the outcome.

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Cornwall Consultants is a member of the Council of Property Search Organisations (COPSO), which is the major trade association for the property search industry. We are also registered with the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) as a subscriber to the Search Code. This means that our Mining Searches meet specific quality standards and minimum content requirements of the Search Code. Every Mining Search is put through our in-house quality assurance process and scrutinised for greatest accuracy, to ensure each report is prepared with the due skill, care and attention expected by the Search Code.

Since 1991 we have produced over 128,000 Mining Search reports for properties in the South West, more than anyone else. Described by professional clients as ‘the gold standard’, our products are respected throughout the industry and acceptable to all lenders, planners and developers.
All of our reports are backed by our Professional Indemnity of £2 million so you can rest assured that your property is fully protected.

We consult our vast mining archive using our purpose-built digital mapping environment to provide the most comprehensive results.

The recorded mine workings, shafts and other features are then interpreted by our expert team of mining geologists, engineers and environmental scientists to predict where further undocumented mine workings might lie.

Find out if you need a Mining Search by using our free MineScanner toolHome Mining Search to check your postcode.