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When mines closed, thousands of shafts and other workings were buried without being properly secured, leaving a hidden threat of subsidence throughout the region. In former mining areas, the Mining Search report will provide a concise appraisal of the likelihood of a property being affected by mining subsidence.

The report is technically robust in line with the requirements of all major mortgage lenders and conveyancers, yet it is designed to be uncomplicated and suitable for a range of audiences, including property vendors, agents and purchasers.

 We prepare the following Mining Search reports:

  • Metalliferous Mining – for properties in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset where tin, copper, lead, silver and iron mining was widespread for over 3000 years.
  • Bath Stone & Fullers Earth – for properties in areas of Bath, northeast Somerset and west Wiltshire where localised extraction of these deposits has been carried out since Roman times and remains active today.


The Standard Mining Search report is issued to a standard electronic format and is completed within 7 to 8 days. Hard copies can also be provided. If it is required in a hurry, an Expedited Mining Search report can be provided in just 48 hours (at increased cost).

Over 100,000 Mining Searches completed so far!



Home Mining Search

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Your Mining Search is produced by our team of experienced geologists, mining engineers and other highly trained staff, with reference to a vast archive of historic maps and plans. The report will either clear the property of mining risk or highlight the nature of any hazards and recommend next steps to quantify the risk.