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A Mining Search is recommended by The Law Society and The Council of Mortgage Lenders for properties changing hands in former mining areas. Our Mining Search forms a pivotal part of the conveyancing process in the southwest, where mining was widespread for many centuries. The Mining Search is a short, comprehensive report for a range of audiences, including property vendors, developers, agents and purchasers.

Each report comments on:

  • Whether the property lies in a past, present or proposed mining area.
  • The location and distance to the nearest recorded and suspected mine workings, including shafts and entrances.
  • The nature of any known or anticipated mine workings, where relevant.
  • The presence of any significant geological features.
  • A property-specific risk assessment with recommendations, where necessary.

Our Mining Search reports are not computer generated from static datasets. Real people view and interpret the historical information in order to give the most accurate assessment of risk possible. Thanks to local knowledge and expert interpretation, the majority of Search reports are able to clear the property of mining risk, even in heavily mined areas. If any potentially adverse features are highlighted, the report will illustrate the nature of the hazard in relation to the property and recommend the next steps to quantify the risk.


PLEASE NOTE: Our new Regulated Mining Searches are launched on 4th February 2019 and the prices below will be adjusted, learn more here.

The cost of a Mining Search depends on the size of the property to be searched.

Standard turnaround Mining Search:

  • Residential house and garden: £59.99 (including VAT)
  • Property with land (<5 acres): £86.40 (including VAT)
  • Extensive property: Price on application

Expedited Mining Search (48 hours):

  • Residential house and garden: £89.99 (including VAT)
  • Property with land (<5 acres): £129.60 (including VAT)

You can check you require a Mining Search using our MineScanner tool and order it online. If you are unsure, or wish to discuss your specific requirements with us, please contact us.



You can view low resolution  examples of our Metalliferous (1) (2) and Bath Stone & Fullers Earth (1) (2) Mining Searches or visit our FAQs page for more information.