What are they?
A Mining Investigation is an intrusive on-site assessment of the ground beneath the property. We drill boreholes or dig trenches to confirm the ground conditions and map out any mining features.
What does it tell me?
A Mining Investigation is designed to give the ultimate answer on mining subsidence risk. If no problems are found our report will provide very high assurances for the property, allowing your mortgage/transaction to proceed. If a mining threat is confirmed, our report will explain the risk and advise on a way forward to resolve the problem.
How much?

Standard fees start from £585 (excluding VAT) for excavation; and £1,485 (excluding VAT) for drilling.

A typical residential property will require two days drilling at £2,780 (excluding VAT). [Fees are dependant on location and size of property.]


FREE Site Meeting – we inspect every site and meet with clients/owners before any commitment

Excellent Customer Service – we pride ourselves in considering every customer’s needs individually. We’re always happy to discuss things before during and after the work.

Competitive Prices – we use local specialist contractors to keep prices down and customer care high.

Local Expertise – every Mining Investigation is fully supervised from start to finish by one of our qualified geologists [meet our team].

Rapid Service – we aim to meet you on site within 3 days of any enquiry; the investigation is typically undertaken within 10 days and our report is with you after a following 3 days. 

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