A Mining Investigation is necessary when a mining risk requires further high-level assessment. This can be as a result of the Mining Search or in order to evaluate an observed subsidence or anomalous ground. It can also be triggered by Planning or development design requirements.

The scope of the investigation is designed to maximise coverage for the indicated mining hazard(s) in order to adequately eliminate or quantify any risk. The Mining Investigation report is a non-technical appraisal of the ground conditions encountered. Where a mining risk is identified, it includes detailed descriptions and plans that can be used to inform a remediation scheme.

The two Mining Investigation techniques most widely accepted to provide a high level of assurance are Mechanical Excavation and Open-hole Percussion Drilling. The first method is best suited to large properties or development sites where access is unrestricted and some degree of site disruption can be tolerated. Percussion Drilling is performed on properties with existing buildings or restricted sites and is the most common form of investigation on domestic dwellings.

Our Mining Investigations are supervised by experienced and qualified staff using specialist local contractors. Please contact our investigation team to discuss your requirements.