Our free postcode search tool is now even better thanks to our friends at SeaDog IT.

Since going live last January MineScanner has helped almost 60,000 website visitors!

This automated scanning app can warn you of a mining subsidence threat within 2000 metres of your postcode and advise on the need for a formal Mining Search if you are buying; selling; building or extending.

New features for February 2016:

  • MORE COMPREHENSIVE – postcodes have been updated with the current data from the Ordnance Survey.
  • IT’S FASTER – results are now displayed instantly – (how can it do that?)
  • SMOOTHER – MineScanner can now cope with a range of postcode formats; lowercase/no spaces – no problem
  • MORE HELPFUL – It can tell if your property lies outside our coverage area and point you in the right direction.
  • USE IT ON FACEBOOK – Hit ‘UseApp’ on our Facebook page.
  • IT’S STILL FREE !!! – check out all your dream homes for nothing!

Find out more about how MineScanner works here.