Cornwall Consultants search department staff this week took part in a training workshop to enhance their interpretation skills.

The technical workshop, hosted by managing director Dan Berriman and Head of Search Development Tony Bennett, was the first of several winter staff training sessions covering the skills used to interpret our extensive mining archive. This week we focussed on the many historic books,  journals, papers and surveys that must be reviewed in order to provide comprehensive assessment of subsidence risk.

“Despite advances in digital mapping that can aid the searching of records, there is a still a need for a real human being to interpret those records. Producing accurate mining searches in the South West will never be a fully automated process so it is essential that our staff are equipped with the very specialist skills to piece-together the vital clues from our huge mining archive.” -Dan Berriman MD

At Cornwall Consultants Ltd, we are constantly revisiting and digitising old records and obtaining new information from our ground investigation staff. We keep our Mining Search team up to date with our ever-growing archive so that they are equipped the most recent data in order to predict mining related subsidence. Use our MineScanner tool to check your postcode now.