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Ground Breaking New Stability Report

Ground Report

The Ground Report is designed to be the best in class ground stability report for conveyance and development across the UK. Close collaboration between Cornwall Consultants and national environmental information specialists Terrafirma Mine Searches has lead to the production of a uniquely comprehensive but user-friendly search report that meets the needs of purchasers; conveyancers; lenders and developers.

Proven Local Expertise
Expert interpretation of our extensive mining archive giving the same high-quality results as traditional mining search reports.
Specialist Data
Cutting edge data and analysis of ground movement from Terrafirma.
Analysis of the results 130,000 mining searches; site inspections and mining investigations by Cornwall Consultants.
Industry leading £10 million professional indemnity cover on each property report.
Subsidence & Sinkholes
Inclusion of data on mining subsidence events recorded by Cornwall Consultants and Sinkhole Alert from Terrafirma, helping to predict unrecorded mine workings.
Includes an integrated official CON29M, satisfying the Law Society CON29M (2018) guidance report and includes Coal & Cheshire Brine Search Insurance (up to £50,000).
Detailed Search: Simple Answer
Colour coded report with easy to read summary front page and next steps. This is followed by all the information to back up the result.
Professional Opinion
Every property is appraised individually and each key section of the report has a professional opinion that has been applied by a real person, trained to undertake this detailed appraisal.

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