Next generation mining search and ground stability report helps home buyers avoid that sinking feeling

Cornish mining expert, Cornwall Consultants and national mining and ground report specialist, Terrafirma, have announced a collaboration that sees the launch of a new Ground Report for the South West. The Ground Report combines leading digital mapping and data analysis with ‘on-the-ground’ experience to bring clarity to the current confusion among property buyers across Devon and Cornwall caused by the wide range of products available to them.

“We see a great deal of confusion from purchasers and conveyancers when it comes to finding out about mining risk in the South West” explains Dan Berriman, MD of Cornwall Consultants.

We often get asked questions like:

“Do I need a tin search or a clay search or even a coal search?
Is it best to get this from a national data firm or local specialist?
How do I know it’ll tell me everything and that my new home is really safe?”

The Ground Report has been designed to wipe away this confusion. It is the most comprehensive stability search on the market covering all non-coal mining and extraction; natural ground perils such as clay shrinkage; and coal mining threats. In addition, it comments on related concerns such as radon and fracking. The Ground Report covers all these elements in detail, providing professional opinion on the relevant aspects and presenting a simple and straightforward answer to the client so that they can be sure they are covered and there is no need for further interpretation.

“Ten years ago this type of report would not have been possible.. It’s incredible that we can now overlay airborne radar data with two-hundred year old mining maps and then instantly add near-live satellite data on ground movement; interpret it all and provide an accurate appraisal of the subsidence threat as quickly and cheaply as conventional reports.”

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On Thursday 4 October at 11 am we will be holding a joint webinar with Terrafirma during which we will go into more detail on the features and benefits of the report and we would be delighted if you would join us. In order to register your attendance please click HERE.

[Photo courtesy of PRS Services]