Petrolab Ltd has been operating for over 20 years analysing the content of rocks, minerals, ores, aggregates and concrete from all over the world. This specialist laboratory is based in Redruth and has analysed samples for all 15,500 mundic tests undertaken by Cornwall Consultants Ltd. Their website hosts a very useful tool to find out if your property has already been tested. Check to see if your property has had a “mundic” test.

This exciting new company is our principal strategic partner. Terrafirma is an innovative geological consultancy specialising in the provision of mining instability risk assessment for conveyancers, solicitors, developers, insurance amp; ground investigation specialists across the UK. Cornwall Consultants Ltd is very excited to be working with the Terrafirma team to provide high quality mining searches for the extraction of over 30 minerals across England and Wales.

GroundSearch are experienced drilling contractors specialising in the provision of small, manoeuvrable mini-rigs which are suited to the investigation of mining risks beneath residential properties. Our geologists work with GroundSearch on a range of sites, supervising the drilling of discrete, targeted boreholes in order to assess any mining related ground instability issues. GroundSearch also install groundwater and ground gas monitoring boreholes and provide soil sampling and rock coring services to complement Cornwall Consultant’s geotechnical and geo-environmental services.

PRS offer bespoke groundwork solutions to address the risks of mining subsidence to land and property. Pete Robinson, owner and principal contractor at PRS, has over 30 years of experience in shaft capping and the treatment of mine workings and unstable ground in Cornwall. PRS has an excellent customer service reputation and takes pride in the standard of post-groundworks reinstatement, as well as the provision of comprehensive engineered solutions. Cornwall Consultants Ltd partner with PRS to report on the remediation of mine workings and ensure that the schedule of works is appropriate for the features identified by in archives and by our mining site investigations. Our affiliation with this specialist mining contractor ensures our involvement at all stages of the risk assessment and mitigation process.

Castria offers an integrated architecture and engineering service through a truly collaborative design process and our creative business culture.  Our talented team of architects, engineers, surveyors and designers apply their technical expertise and imaginative problem-solving skills to a wide range of sectors and scale of projects.

Mullaly is a development and construction consultancy. We are passionate about a low carbon economy. We consider energy use in buildings is a key to climate damage. We want to end fuel poverty. We wish to work with those who value our community and realise the uncertain future that awaits if we do not get a grip. Mullaly is driven to give ethical and unequivocal advice.

Dowling Dodd Chartered Surveyors established in Cornwall in 1991 and have been allied with Cornwall Consultants Ltd for over 20 years. Their highly experienced Chartered Surveyors work with our drilling operative on site to design and supervise sampling for concrete assessments. Dowling Dodd surveyor’s will provide professional interpretation of the concrete laboratory analysis for mundic testing with Cornwall Consultants Ltd. We are proud to continue our working partnership with this professional local practice.

The Cornwall branch of Bradley’s Chartered Surveyors has formed a key part of our mundic services at Cornwall Consultants Ltd. for the last 15 years. Their surveyors supervise our mundic sampling in accordance with current RICS guidance and provide an integral part of our concrete screening assessment to meet the requirements of all major lenders. Operating from their offices at Tolvaddon Energy Park in Pool, Bradleys are centrally located and can provide services over a wide area of mid-Cornwall.

Kivells have a dedicated team of Chartered Surveyors offering a wide range of professional services, including building and valuation surveys and project management for property planning and design. Cornwall Consultants Ltd team up with Kivells Surveyors in East Cornwall, where their RICS Chartered Surveyors work with our drilling operative to sample concrete in accordance with current published RICS guidance for mortgage purposes. Kivells offer an efficient and professional service and Cornwall Consultants Ltd is pleased to continue our partnership with this renowned firm.

SeaDog IT works with businesses, organisations, councils and charities to deliver imaginative web based solutions for websites, brands and design. Dave and his team have put together this great website for us and continue to provide excellent up to the minute support for all our online activity.


Carrak Consulting Ltd offers a range of environmental and geological consultancy services to UK mineral and land developers and is currently working with Cornwall Consultants Ltd on technical business development and specialist services.

Cornwall Consultants Ltd is proud to be a member of the Cornwall Mining Alliance (CMA). The CMA promotes innovations and collaboration between the many mining specialists based in the South West. The CMA can draw on the expertise of over 85 members in order to provide shared resources to service large and multi-disciplinary projects.