Why would I need one?
A Site Inspection may be required to provide an additional level of assurance where a ‘moderate’ risk of mining subsidence is indicated by a Mining Search or as the result of a request by the Local Authority if a site is being developed in a mining area. Sometimes, land owners or purchasers ask for a Site Inspection for their peace of mind, if they are concerned about mining features.

A Site Inspection may take the form of a Property Inspection, Foundation Trench Inspection or Site Walkover Survey.

What do they cost?
It depends where the property is located, but Site Inspections start from £180 (excluding VAT).
Property Inspection comprises a survey of a dwelling and garden area by an experienced Mining Consultant to check for any signs of mining related defects. A technical report is provided, with appropriate recommendations if potentially adverse features are identified.
Foundation Trench Inspections are required when anomalous ground conditions are exposed during development, when an additional level of assurance is required or when confirmation of competent ground is requested by the Local Authority.

Foundation Trench Inspection involves a site visit by a qualified Mining Engineer or Geologist to assess exposed foundation trenches, prior to infilling with concrete. A detailed report is provided, which will define any adverse ground conditions present and outline the next steps for the proposed development.

A Site Walkover Survey is a reconnaissance of an area of land in order to identify any signs of subsidence or mining related hazards that may require on-going monitoring or treatment in order to manage any risk to people, livestock or property. An illustrated report is provided, with risk ratings and recommendations.


Experienced Staff – Cornwall Consultants has carried out over 2,000 site inspections and developed close working links with local surveyors and Building Control Officers over the last 25 years.

Rapid turnaround – We can usually visit a property within 48 hours and aim to issue the report on the following working day.

Professional Service – If any evidence of mining related subsidence defects or ground stability issues are observed, Cornwall Consultants can provide follow-up solutions to help resolve the situation and prevent further conveyance or construction delays.

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