Search providers combine to provide the ultimate comprehensive mining search service in Devon.

Cornwall Consultants Ltd has teamed up with Terrafirma Mine Searches Ltd to provide expert identification and interpretation of metalliferous mining risks in Devon. This service doesn’t replace our standard interpretive metalliferous mining search in this area, but it means that if you order a Terrafirma multi-mineral search report, you can be assured that the risks from historical metal mining have been assessed by us, one of the most experienced and trusted mining search providers in the UK.

Terrafirma offersCornwall Consultants Logo a new approach to assessing ground instability risks from mineral extraction, covering numerous minerals in a single report. Their phased reporting process screens for over 30 minerals across the UK before filtering those that might be applicable in your area, so that you receive the right level of assessment for all relevant minerals every time. Contact Terrafirma MS to find out if you need a mineral extraction search report anywhere in the UK.

At Cornwall Consultants we are committed to meeting the needs of a changing market and this is an exciting step to expand our services. Find out if you need a metalliferous mining search in the South West here and stay tuned for updates on other new services.