The geology of Cornwall and Devon gives rise to elevated metallic elements in the soil. Some of these elements are present at potentially toxic concentrations, whether occurring naturally or as a result of industrial activity. The risk to people or the environment from contaminated land depends on the nature of their exposure to it. The staged assessment of this risk is a standard Condition of many Planning Permissions for new development in the South West and it may also be required during conveyancing.

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“Contamination [Risk] Assessment”  :  “Phase I Desk Study”  :  “Land Contamination Assessment Report”

Cornwall Consultants Ltd is happy to provide free guidance on the necessity for these services and can advise on the most appropriate way forward for your site. We often combine services in bespoke bundles to save the client both time and money. Here are our services…


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Phase I Land Contamination Desk Study – A desk top appraisal from a range of historic and modern maps and plans as well as a site walkover survey. The report establishes any potential sources of contamination and evaluates how these might reach site users and the wider environment. A Phase 2 may be recommended if a risk is identified.
Phase II Land Contamination Intrusive Investigation – intrusive investigation and sampling may be required if a contamination risk is identified by the Phase I assessment. Samples are collected at representative locations and analysed in accordance with the standard national guidelines. Samples are typically tested for a wide range of metallic elements including: arsenic; cadmium; copper; zinc; lead; mercury; nickel and chromium.
Phase III Remediation Method Statement – designed to remove the risk from the site, to its users and immediate environment. We advise on a site-specific remediation strategy that enables the identified contamination issues to be overcome.
Phase IV Remediation Verification Report – a record of risk mitigation to satisfy relevant authorities. After visiting the site and inspecting the remediation works, we provide the final necessary documentation to resolve the issue and enable your development to proceed.

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