Mining Searches

A desk-top Mining Search is an essential part of conveyancing and remortgaging for properties and new developments within Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.


Check if your property needs a Mining Search using our unique MineScanner tool. Just enter the postcode and MineScanner does the rest.

Contaminated Land Assessments

Heavy metals are present within soils in some areas of Cornwall and Devon. Contaminated Land risk assessments are a standard requirement for planning and development purposes.

Mundic Tests

The term “Mundic” refers to sub-standard concrete used in construction in the southwest. A Mundic Test is required for the conveyancing of buildings of a certain age.

Mining Investigations

A supervised ground investigation is necessary when a mining risk requires further assessment.

1. Do I need a mining search?

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Find out if a Metalliferous or Bath Stone Mining Search is required in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or West Wiltshire. Click the icon to enter a postcode.

2. Order A Mining Search

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It’s easier than ever to order and pay for your mining search online through Cornwall Consultants – just click on the icon to the left to order and our experts will start preparing your report.

Mining Searches

For many centuries Mining was a widespread industry in the southwest that has left a legacy of hidden shafts and workings that present a risk of subsidence.

Our Mining Searches assess this risk and are prepared by an experienced team using our extensive mining archive.

Contamination Studies

Heavy metals within soils of Cornwall & Devon can be naturally elevated or concentrated by past mining. The multi-phase assessment of this risk is a standard Condition of Planning Permission for new development and is often required during conveyancing.

Mundic Testing

“Mundic” is a term that refers to sub-standard concrete where reactive aggregates have been used in construction in the South West (used in the construction of buildings prior to 1950). A Mundic Test is a requirement of the Council of Mortgage Lenders as part of property conveyancing.

Mining Investigations

A supervised ground investigation is necessary when a mining risk requires further assessment.

This is designed to appraise the nature of the hazard in detail, whilst addressing the specifics of the property and needs of the client.

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